Archived News

Archived News

Skinny Henry

Skinny leaves the Airbags
Sunday October 30, 2005

Henrik Wüst, bassplayer and longtime member of King Laoghaire, has decided to leave the band due to time constraints.

As we all know it can be complicated finding time for all the things that matter e g family.

We understand his decision, although we're sad to see him go, and wish him and his family the best in the future.

Cheers, mate!!!

Henrik earned his nickname "Skinny Henry" some years ago when he was the most slender member of King Laoghaire. Nowadays there are quite a few bony people in the band and some of the Airbags have somewhat deflated ;-)

Celtic Dancers will appear in Trollhättan.

Celtic Evening of music, song and dance
Monday September 26, 2005

King Laoghaire will be appearing in a show called "Celtic Evening" at the Sand Krog & Cafe in Trollhättan. The show will also feature the lovely dance group Celtic Dancers from Stockholm.

It will be a night of Irish and Scottish music, song and dance. Opening night is on Friday October 28. Further dates confirmed at this time are October 29, November 4, 5, 18 and 19.

The Celtic Evening is a dinner show. For further information and booking please call Sand Krog & Cafe, Tel 0520-44 48 44 or go to their website at

Per and Peter on stage at the Celtic Night show of 2005.

Celtic Night radio broadcast
Thursday September 1, 2005

On two Mondays, September 19 and October 3, there will be a show named "Celtic Nights" aired on Swedish local radiostation Radio Väst. Starting time is 17.02 Swedish time and the two programmes features the band King Laoghaire joined on stage by some great guest musicians and friends.

The music was recorded live at Vänersborg theatre on June 4, 2005 during the Celtic Night of Song and Dance. For more info go to the programme home page at P4 Live (the site is in Swedish only).

Welcome Villemo!

Per is a father again
Thursday May 5, 2005

King Laoghaire banjo and tin whistle player is now the proud father of a daughter! She was born on the 5th of May and both mother and child are at home doing fine. Per is very happy for this gift and he would like to share it with everybody.

The wee lassie will be named Villemo and she has two older brothers, Moses 11 and Noam 2,5 years old. The proud mother is Anna.

Irish song and dance was a success in Vänersborg

A succesful Celtic Night of Song and Dance
Sunday May 23, 2004

What a wonderful night it turned out to be! A theater filled to the rafters and an air of anticipation filled the room. King Laoghaire, featuring Pontus Lundström on bodhran, along with the dance group Celtic Dancers and guest artists Nadine Wüst and Eva Wennerström, were all set to perform an exstensive and allround performance of celtic song and dance.

The show started with the instrumental set 'Jackie Coleman's/Star of Munster' and the ladies in Celtic Dancers performing a riveting dance. The show continued, alternating between instrumentals and ballads, singing and dancing. The first set also saw the moving rendition of Red is the Rose by Nadine Wüst. Equally moving was Eva Wennerströms rendition of Cragie Hills in the second set. A song not so easily mastered, but here done with such flare that even the band themselves looked a bit moved. The show cumulated with a rousing version of Whiskey in the Jar, in which all the performers were included, and a last set of reels, 'Sheahan's/Flowers of Edinburgh' left the audience standing in the rows and screaming for more.

All and all it was a success in every aspect of the show, in a way that beforehand was incomprehensible. And it has left the band longing for a repeat. So rest assured that this will be the case! King Laoghaire would also like to take this opportunity to thank everybody involved with making this show possible i e; dancers, performers, guest musicians, light- and sound engineers, stage hands, sponsors and, last but not least, the audience, without whom this would not have been possible!!!

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