Archived News

Archived News

P-O, the man

New member in King Laoghaire
Thursday February 12, 2004

For a few months now, there has been a new face in King Laoghaire. His name is P-O Johansson and he plays the accordion. Well, he plays a whole load of instruments really, but will mainly provide accordion in KL.

While the band was trying to find a replacement for the recently departed Magnus Karlsson, Martin decided to get hitched! P-O, a long time friend of his, had been called upon to play piano at the wedding ceremony/musical!

As it turned out; he played the accordion as well and a few King Laoghaire members collaborated with him for the bridal waltz. Naturally the question arose: "Dude, ya wanna jam full time?" So one thing led to another and here we are...

P-O is a renowned and experienced musician in the Uddevalla area and we're happy to welcome him into the Laoghaire fold!

Artwork for the show

King Laoghaire in Dance Show
Friday January 30, 2004

Saturday May 22 is the date for the premiere of the show A Celtic Night of Song and Dance at Vänersborgs Teater. The show features the band King Laoghaire together with dance group Celtic Dancers plus various guest artists, including a secret former member of King Laoghaire.

After the show Folkets Hus will be open and there is going to be a acoustic music session in the bar. Tickets are available from Folkets Hus, Vänersborg, phone 0521-57 57 57.

Lotta and Martin

Martin's merry marriage
Saturday September 13, 2003

On September 13 Martin Rahmberg and Lotta Karlsson exchanged their wedding vows. The ceremony was held at the Church of Trollhättan on a beautiful autumn day, matched in beauty only by the bride and groom.

Naturally the ceremony contained an abundance of music, all written by the eminent composer Mr Rahmberg himself. Friends and family had turned out to make this a memorable occasion, as performers and attendees.

The wedding reception later was held at Karlsro, where the festivities continued into the wee hours. We all wish them a very happy and prosperous marriage!

Martin with brand new haircut and a nice beard of manly human hair...

A high flying stag party
Sunday August 31, 2003

There was a stag party for King Laoghaire member Martin Rahmberg on August 31. He is getting married to his Lotta on Saturday, September 13. The party was on a Sunday, so that people working in the entertainment and restaurant business would be free and able to attend.

At 11 o'clock in the morning a band of male friends gathered in a restaurant in Falköping waiting for Martin, who were on his way, believing he was going to a business meeting. Well, he were in for a real surprise. After an early meal, consisting of Martin's favourite food "fläsk och löksås" (pork and onion sauce), it was time to dress Martin properly for the occasion.

He was stripped of all his own clothes, dressed up in a black monk's cowl and given a nice "home grown" beard. After this it was off to local mountain Ålleberg, where Martin, who is scared of heights, were about to make his flying debut in a motor driven hang glider. Everything went well and Martin landed safely on the ground, slightly dazed but quite fascinated.

Then Martin were driven a few miles to a place where a camel was waiting for him, to take him through the "drive-thru" of a famous hamburger merchant. All to the joy of kids visiting the restaurant. The staff were not that happy though. They were more concerned about what the health authorities would think of a camel's head peeking through their window.

Next thing on the agenda was... PAINTBALL! And let me tell you that Martin was a very popular target. He was offered the white rabbitt suit and a 2 minute lead to run off to the forest. But he kindly rejected this offer.

Sporting a new hair colour, it was off to the local bath and recreation centre. Armed with a woman's swim suit and a couple of Viagra, Martin was ready to rock the waves. The evening ended with dinner and an enormous amount of alcohol. Everyone had a really good time and Martin appreciated the program put together by his friends. All in all, it was a perfect day!

Magnus Karlsoon

Magnus leaves King Laoghaire
Tuesday March 4, 2003

Fiddle player Magnus Karlsoon is set to leave King Laoghaire on the 5th of April. He is venturing into another semi-profession as a moonlight farmer and can no longer find time to go on the road with the band.

Magnus joined the group in 2000 after fiddler Berne Strömberg left to become a "full time" father. He's been mainly playing fiddle, but has also handled the button accordion as well as doing some singing.

On April 5 he will be making his last performance at the spelmansstämma at Torp skola, Ödeborg. Thank you for this time, Magnus, and may the road rise up to meet you!

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