The Band
King Laoghaire - the band
From left to right: Björn, Gjert, Peter, Martin, Per and Peo.

King Laoghaire

Berne Strömberg - King Laoghaire fiddler.

King Laoghaire is a group of seven people who share a passion for traditional Irish and Scottish songs and dance music. The band first started in 1991 as an acoustic experiment in a rockbands, the Ex-Junkies, regular repertoire. In early 1992 the acoustic side of the band had taken over.

Founding members were Peter Andersson, tenor banjo & vocals; Markus Svensson, nyckelharpa; Leif Andersson, guitar and Martin Rahmberg, guitar & vocals. The line-up has varied over the years, but Peter has been there since the beginning. Martin is now enjoying his second spell with the group.

King Laoghaire have recorded two albums, Some Irish Stew (1993) and Courtin' the Ginger Lady (1996).

In later years the band have worked together with Stockholm dance groups Celtic Dancers and Celtic Force in an annual, popular show called Celtic Night of Song and Dance.

The current line-up of King Laoghaire is:
Per Andersson - tin whistle, banjo, harmonica, vocals
Peter Andersson - vocals, tenor banjo
Peo Linnervik - accordion
Gjert Magnusson - bass, fiddle, concertina, vocals
Martin Rahmberg - vocals, guitar
Berne Strömberg - fiddle, vocals
Björn Wallman - guitar, vocals

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