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Song title

3 years 5 months ago #754 by Helen
Song title was created by Helen
I'm not sure if that is the actual title to the song lyrics I'm looking for. It's a song my mother use to sing to me as a young child in the late 60's early 70's. I don't remember all the lyrics, the song is about the love between a mother and daughter and how you should cherish that love because you won't miss it until she has gone beyond the grave. The beginning of the song goes like this......

I once had a dear old mother and she was kind to me
one night as a lay sleeping upon my feather bed an angel came
from heaven to tell me mum was dead, she told me not to worry......and thats all I can remember!

I would be so grateful if someone could help me. Thanks Helen
3 years 1 month ago #763 by ArchiveForum
Replied by ArchiveForum on topic Song title
Could it be this one? Title may be Mother Song.

I once had a dear old mother
Who love me tenderly
For when I was a baby
She took good care of me.

One night as I lay down sleeping
My sister by my side
I heard a voice from heaven
Telling my mother died.

And when I woke up in the morning
I found my dream come true
For the angels took my mother
And took her to sky so blue.

Dear mother, was it only yesterday? yes, it must have been for I could still feel
The gentle touch of your fingers each night as you ran them through my hair, as you put me to bed.
The magic in your lips whenever you kissed my pains and tears away.
The tenderness of your voice, so soothing and understanding.
With this thoughts mother, I wish you are still here with me today.

So children obey your mother
Obey them faithfully
For if you lose your mother
You've lost the best of all.

Here is a video
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