I wander'd today to the hill, Maggie
To watch the scene below
The creek and the old rusty mill, Maggie
Where we sat in the long, long ago
The green grove is gone from the hill, Maggie
Where first the daisies sprung
The creaking old mill is still, Maggie
Since you and I were young

And now we are aged and gray, Maggie
And the trials of life nearly done
But to me you're as fair as you were, Maggie
When you and I were young

A city so silent and lone, Maggie
Where the young and the gay and the best
In polished white mansions of stone, Maggie
Have each found a place of rest
Is built where the birds used to play, Maggie
And join in the songs that were sung
For we sang as gay as they, Maggie
When you and I were young

See also Maggie and Nora.